Rhythm and Vibes
Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 - 02:00 PM

Lyric Theatre
Toronto Centre for the Arts

“Rhythm  and  Vibes”  was  formed  in  2012  as “Nima  Ahmadieh”  (guitar,  back  vocal, composer) and his sister Sara (vocals, harmonica, piano, lyrics) started to play different acoustic arrangements of their favorite songs as a cover duo. After a while “Siavash  Sadrmahdavi”  (Percussion),  Nima’s  childhood  friend  who  had recently moved to Toronto, joined them to add the elements of RHYTHM to the band.  They began to write their own songs in Persian, which led to the creation of an innovative acoustic gypsy pop / blues style.  They have performed in several events in Canada including “Tirgan Festival 2015” and “Tabestoon Festival 2016”.

Rhythm and Vibes will perform the band’s original songs (in Persian) and some English covers.

“We love our fans and hope we can  please  them  more  and  more  with  our  music  and performances.

Feel the RHYTHM Feel the VIBE!